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Division 24 - O8E Region - Northern Alabama

2010 Staff Officers


Elected Officers
DCDR Division Commander George Chesebro
DVCDR Division Vice Commander Darrell Wood
IPDCDR Immediate Past Division Commander Kenneth Westra
Appointed Officers
SO-NS  Navigation Systems Gary W. Akin
SO-CM Communications Joseph Kleri
SO-CS Communications Services Doug Perry
SO-FN Finance Carol Cheseboro
SO-IS Information Services DeAnne Rodenburg
SO-MA Materials James Jackson
SO-MS Marine Safety Thomas Farris
SO-MT Membership Training Duncan C. Wilkinson
SO-OP Operations Richard Miles
SO-PA Public Affairs Lynn Miles
SO-PB Publications Margaret Wood
SO-PE Public Education Sandra L Merlo
SO-PS Personnel Services Tom Kunhart
SO-PV Program Visitor Carl Rodenburg
SO-SR Secretary/Records Roseanne Deramus
SO-VE Vessel Examiner Robert Tidmore

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