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Division 24 - O8E Region - Northern Alabama

Boating Safety

US Coast Guard Boating Safety WebsiteLearn how to prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities while boating as well as checking for equipment safety defects and recalls.

Visit the US Coast Guard Boating Safety Resource Center by clicking on this image.


Your In Command Website“You’re in Command” is the U.S. Coast Guard’s public boating safety outreach initiative, which encourages all recreational boaters to take responsibility for their actions on the water.  Click image to visit site.

Float Plan

Before setting out, file a Float Plan.  File a float plan with a friend, relative or neighbor.  The plan indicates where you are going and the route you will take.  It also indicates when you will be back and whom to contact if you don't return on time.  Be sure to cancel your float plan when you return.

Download a US Coast Guard Auxiliary Float Plan.


A marine radio could save your life. More information can be found at the US Coast Guard Maritime Telecommunications website.